Our Equipment

AirView Photography has invested in the highest quality aerial platforms and remote control camera gimbal systems. These are the best on the market and can capture the smoothest shots even in every environment we encounter.

Through the use of First Person View (FPV) technology, we can stream live footage from the aerial platform to the ground. This enables our pilot and clients to see what the camera sees. We can adjust the pan and tilt direction of the cameras to keep the target perfectly in shot.

All of our equipment well maintained and looked after. Its usage is logged according to CAA regulations.

Our UAV's are equipped with not only HD camera's but many instruments to aid in safe flight, we can deliver a live video feed from the camera attached to our UAV's to a ground station on any location which then allows us and our client to see exactly what the camera is seeing, our UAV's can even read air temperature, height and measure distances.

Our UAV's are allowed to fly to a height of 400ft high as permitted by the CAA and must always be within line of site by the pilot in control.

Why use our UAV's for your aerial works???


Our flying UAV's are all fitted with fail safe return to home functions if the pilot is incapacitated or radio signal is lost with the UAV, but we are pleased to say that these functions have never been required!

our UAV's