Twin brothers Stephen and Andrew co-founded AirView photography 3 years ago. However their dream to run a company together started in childhood! Together they have more than 30 years experience in design, media and photography, as well as being qualified CAA, UAV Pilots.

Stephen is based at the company's headquarters in Northern Ireland and Andrew runs a base in Hertfordshire, England.

They pride themselves on cutting-edge aerial footage and providing exceptional customer service.

We would be happy to quote for your aerial photo/film requirements as each project is so unique to each and every client. We can arrange a meeting at your offices/premises or even on location to discuss your requirements.

There can be many factors which can affect aerial photography and film, and the main one being the weather! if we are not able to carry out works due to this factor an alternative day shall be arranged at no extra costs.

Once we have you booked in for aerial works a deposit of 30% is required and cannot be refunded as time would have been spent planning your aerial works.


As a licensed operators of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), we are governed and regulated by the CAA. We are fully insured and hold public liability cover.

It is essential for us to adhere to these regulations for our cover to be valid therefore;

It may be necessary to do a pre-flight visit to a location to ascertain if it will be possible to fly.

Usually a postcode / location of where & what we are filming will be enough for us to do a pre-flight survey online to see if there are any flight restrictions which we need to be aware of.

We will have the final say if we feel flying conditions and locations can be ‘deemed safe'.

We will require the permission of the landowner to take off and land.

We cannot fly directly over people, roads, building which are not under the control of the film crew.

Some restrictions apply to certain areas & cities and additional permissions to fly need to be sought from the CAA.

If we are flying near to an airport or aerodrome, we may need to contact Air Traffic Control to check with them that it is safe to operate at a certain height on a specified date and time.

If you need help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.